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Performance Optimization

It’s time to check in with TeleTracking!

Because better never stops.

We find it’s valuable to periodically engage in a one-week performance optimization engagement to drive the adoption of new processes, improve compliance of new processes, and closes workarounds.
This engagement is designed to help your organization achieve sustained outcomes through staff turnover and competing initiatives. Once we’ve diagnosed any potential opportunities, we can discuss solutions.

*Prices vary based on project scope.
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Optimization Opportunities

Our Performance Optimization team may identify opportunities for improvement in your organization. These services increase the adoption and compliance of TeleTracking software.

System Admin Training

This instructor-led training elevates your hospital’s TeleTracking system administrator to manage TeleTracking’s Capacity Management Suite™ to effectively run the platform for the organization. Remote or on-site.

BedTracking, transporttracking, and Preadmittracking end-user training

This on-site, instructor-led training focuses on the day-to-day use of TeleTracking solutions. It’s a great refresher training for current staff, and ideal training for new employees onboarded post go-live.

BedTracking, transporttracking, and PreAdmittracking Management training

This on-site, instructor-led training focuses on management operations of TeleTracking. You’ll study real-time data and historical reporting to help drive insight into sustaining day-to-day operations 

Feature Adoption Services

TeleTracking works with you to implement any available application features that you haven’t already implemented, including features introduced in any upgrades associated with each product. This work effort includes remote configuration, on-site training, and feature activation services.

TeleTracking Mobile Adoption Services

TeleTracking provides remote and on-site services for device procurement planning, configuration, and staff training to ensure a successful adoption of Mobile Devices without impacting day-to-day operations.